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          About SAAD

          The history of School of Architecture and Design can trace back to the Department of Architecture in Tangshan Engineering Faculty in the National Jiaotong University, which was established in 1946. In 1951, the Department of Architecture in Tangshan Engineering Faculty moved to Beijing to become the Department of Architecture in the School of Beijing Railway Management in the North Jiaotong University. After the adjustment of national colleges and departments in September 1952, the Department of Architecture was incorporated into the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Tianjin University. In 1985, resumption of Architecture Diploma degree was carried out in the North Jiaotong University. In 1991, undergraduate study in Architecture transformed from four-year study into the five-year Bachelor degree. Based on the foundation of architecture research studios, resumption of department of architecture was therefore carried out in 1996, which was subordinated to the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture. In 2002, undergraduate study of Art Design four-year degree was included. In July 2007, the Department of Architecture and Design was independently founded, which consisted of Architecture and Art Design majors. In 2009, undergraduate study of Digital Media Art four-year degree was included. In May 2012, the Department of Architecture and Design transformed into the School of Architecture and Design with the approval of the University.

          Currently, the School of Architecture and Design confers professional Bachelor degree in Architecture, and Art Bachelor Degrees in Art Design and Digital Media Design. It also confers three first-level of Master degrees in Architecture, in Urban and Rural Planning and in Design, as well as two professional degrees in Architecture and Civil Engineering and in Industry Design Engineering. The teaching and research areas of the School cover disciplines of engineering and art, among which Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture and Design are first-level disciplines. There are 606 students currently study in the School, which includes 512 undergraduates (seven international students) and 97 full-time postgraduates. More than 700 students have graduated from the School of Architecture and Design.

          The School of Architecture and Design has seven teaching and researching divisions, and four laboratories. It also has China Rail Transit and Urban Design research centre and Architectural Heritage and Landscape research institute, as well as establishing Built Environment and Energy-saving research centre altogether with the School of Civil Engineering. There are 58 faculty members in the School, within which 49 are full-time staff, including six professors, 18 associate professors and 28 postgraduate student supervisors. The percentage of PhD degree is over 57. Therefore, consisting of members with high educational levels, rigorous teaching, deep thinking, innovative and practical attitudes, an academic team with young teachers as the central power of the School has been built up.

          Through continuous development and effort, the School has gradually formed active learning and academic atmosphere. Meanwhile, the development of educational scale of the School has been expanded as well as educational strength has been reinforced. In recent years, our faculty members has undertaken over 100 projects of various kinds, ranging from the National Natural Science Fund, National Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund, PhD Program Fund, to Beijing City Philosophy and Social Sciences Fund. The research and design achievements include over ten National level awards, such as the National Excellent City-Country Planning Design Award and first prize of TaiDa Cup International Solar Building Design Competition. In addition to the previous awards, the School has more than 200 academic papers and works of art published. Moreover, many works done by our staff were selected for the nation-wide art and design exhibitions, such as the National Arts Exhibition, the National Environmental Art and Design Exhibition. Our students has been actively participated in various competitions, as well as won awards in the International Architecture Design Grand Prize, the International City Planning Design Competition, and the National University Students Architecture Design Contests.

          Under the guidance of global and international teaching perspectives, the School of Architecture and Design actively conducts extensive international academic communications. In recent years, the School has held activities of exchanging our school staff, visiting and invitation of foreign Scholars more than 100 times. It also has actively conducted extensive international academic communications through establishing cooperations with more than ten universities in various countries and regions, such as America, Russia, France, Netherlands, Germany and South Korea. The School also has agreements for regular joint teaching with Moscow?Architectural?Institute,?Sungkyunkwan University in Korea,?University of South Australia in Australia, University of Cincinnati in America, University of Twente in Netherlands University of?Valencia Spain, University of Madrid in Spain and BTH University in Sweden. Meanwhile, the school regularly sent faculty members to overseas universities for further studies and visits at many times.

          The School of Architecture and Design has established cooperations and exchanges with many domestic universities and colleges, design and research institutions, as well as built up nearly 30 bases for teaching and research. Therefore, the School has gradually created a new and comprehensive situation of producing, learning, teaching and researching.

          Under the leadership of Beijing Jiaotong University, the School of Architecture and Design give priority to reinforce the establishments of various disciplines with the purposes of comprehensively promoting educational quality and technology innovation, which fosters an outstanding environment with rigorous, open and harmonious academic and educational atmosphere. Bearing the university motto of “Learning and Practice” in mind, faculty staff and students of the School all determine to make great efforts as well as become innovate, in order to build up the School of Architecture and Design into a base for nurturing professionals in architecture and design, and for researching and technology services.

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