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          SAAD was Invited to Participate in the World Bank Academic Symposium and Make a Report

          Published: 2017-1-4

           Seminar on Urban Transportation Knowledge Sharing, organized by the World Bank and co-organized by the Urban Comprehensive Transportation Project Research Center of Urumqi, was successfully held in Urumqi on May 25, 2016. Bert Hofman, Director of the East Asia and Pacific region bureau of China Mongolia and South Korea of the World Bank, MA Yilei, vice chairman of the CPPC of Urumqi and deputy secretary of Construction Committee of Urumqi delivered speeches.

          Prof.XIA Haishan, invited by the China Transportation Sector of East Asia and Pacific Bureau of the World Bank, delivered a speech named: From Rail Transit to Regional Coordination: A Case Study of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province.

          After the meeting, Urban Comprehensive Transportation Project Research Center of Urumqi held a special symposium with BJTU. The two sides reached a preliminary consensus on the participation of SAAD in Aid to Xinjiang Construction in a variety of forms and through an all-round and multi-dimensional way. In its participation SAAD would play the advantages of universities and international characteristics, combining with the national strategy of One Belt One Road.

          With the World Bank to support the project, School of Architecture and Design of BJTU would further develop its advantages of colleges and universities in the introduction of international and domestic experts and deepening the cooperation of scientific researches, effectively carry out researches related to urban development and construction with the theme of One Belt One Road.



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