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          Professors of SAAD were Invited to Give Lectures to the Members of Workshop of Twin Ocean Railroad Connection Project in Peru, Brazil and Other Countries

          Published: 2017-1-4

           On July 20, 2016, Pro.XIA Haishan and Associate Pro. ZHANG Chun were invited to give a lecture entitled Coordinated Development of Urban Agglomeration Guided by Rail Transit to the members of 2016 Workshop of Twin Ocean Railroad Connection Project in Peru, Brazil and Other Countries, which was host by Ministry of Commerce and undertaken by BJTU. 28 government and railway officials from Peru and Brazil, including Mr. Jorge Viana, the First Deputy Speaker of Brazil, attended the lecture and discussed issues including railway transportation of China and Latin America drives regional and urban development.

          After the lecture, Mrs. Zolia Yang, Mr. Victor Kong, and Mr. Jesus  Lazarte, the experts in urban planning from Peru were invited to visited SAAD and had academic exchanges about the development of urban planning and construction of port and development zone in Peru and China . Mrs. Zolia Yang, who works in Town Planning Board in Lima showed great interest in China’s experience in the construction of coastal city ports in the regions like Tianjin and Qingdao. She believes that Peru is an important coastal country in the west of the South Pacific Ocean with unique water conditions. The future port city construction will become an important aspect of national and regional development in Peru.

          In the future, School of Architecture and Design will give full play to its advantage of university and college in deepening scientific research cooperation and effectively carry out researches related to regional and urban development in response to the national strategy of One Belt One Road.



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