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          Mr. Fernando Lugris, Uruguay''s Ambassador to China, Visited SAAD and Presented Books

          Published: 2017-1-4

           On September 10th, Beijing Jiaotong University celebrated its 120th anniversary. Mr. Fernando Lugris, Uruguay's Ambassador to China, Culture and Education Director Mr. Zhang Qi, the artists Mr. Federico Armstrong and Mrs. Gabriela Caics were invited to SAAD to exchange views with students and teachers and presented books related to contemporary architecture in Uruguay to the school library of BJTU.

          Prof. Xia Haishan, Dean of School of Architecture and Design, Vice Dean Zhang Ye, Prof. Wei Yun and others attended the meeting with Mr. Lugris in the library and expressed their gratitude to the ambassador for his visit. They discussed the cultural and educational cooperation between China and Uruguay in the field of art, architecture and urban planning in the future. Mr. Lugris said he was delighted that there is a Uruguayan student studying at the School of Architecture and Design in BJTU this fall. He hoped that she would become a bridge and link to promote the cultural exchange between China and Uruguay and hoped that more Uruguayan students would come to study in BJTU.

          After the meeting, Uruguay Ambassador Mr. Lugris presented the Uruguayan contemporary architectural culture related books and accompanied by Pro. ZHANG Chun, he visited exhibition hall of SAAD and the students’ works displayed at students activity center.


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