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          The Future of Asian Design-----Asian Cities and Architecture International Academic Annual Conference & The 14th Asian Design Awards Ceremony Successfully Held

          Published: 2017-1-4

           On Nov.24-27, 2016, Asian Cities and Architecture International Academic Annual Conference & The 14th Asian Design Awards Ceremony, held by Asia Architecture and Urbanism Alliance, The Organizing Committee of Asian Design Award, Academic Committee on Architecture and Culture, the Architectural History Branch of Chinese Architectural Society and BJTU, co-held by School of Architecture and Design of BJTU was successfully held in Beijing Jiaotong University. The theme of the conference was The Future of Asian Design---- Asian Design and Education in Crises and Challenges. Plenty of national and international experts in design and education were invited to the conference to discuss the status and future of design and raise the level of design education and to explore and promote sustainable development in China and Asia in crises and challenges.

          In the morning of November 24th, award-winning works of the the 14th Asian Design Awards were exhibited in the exhibiting hall of School of Architecture and Design. The opening ceremony was hosted by Pro. ZHANG Peng, Pro. XIA Haishan, Dean of School of Architecture and Design and Pro. MA Qiang, Director of Department of Art and Design delivered congratulating speeches.


          At the same time, The Future of Asian Design---AAUA Annual Design Roundtable Meeting was held in the small theater in the Students’ Activity Center. The speeches including Integrating Buildings and Environment - Technical Challenges and Opportunities of Mr. Martin Jochman, the senior director of the JADE + QA design firm, City, Design, Perception----From Urban Field to Urban Life of Mr.ZHANG Qi, Vice President of AECOM China, Garden City Singapore as Sponge City Development of Mr. INADA JYUICHI, Chaiman of joint stock company WIN and other speeches were all so wonderful that the students listened with all their attention.


          On Nov.26, the opening ceremony of the conference was held in Tianyou hall, all of the guests, professors and students gathered in the hall and enjoyed the ceremony. The forum was host by Mr. Yao Ling, Secretary-General of the Asia Architecture and Urbanism Alliance and Asian Design Award. Prof. Guan Zhongliang, Vice President of Beijing Jiaotong University, and Mr. Ran Longbin, the representative of the People's Government of Anlong County delivered speeches.


          In the morning of Nov.27, The 14th Asian Design Awards Ceremony was held in the small theater in the students’ Activity Center. Pro. XU Maoyan of Tsinghua University hosted the ceremony and Dean. XIA Haishan and Pro. XIAO Yiqiang??the representative jury delivered speeches.


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