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          SAAD Successfully Held China-Russia Architecture Design Workshop

          Published: 2017-5-3

          March 24-29th, 2017, invited by Xia Haishan, Dean of School of Architecture and Design, and Sun Wei, Associate Professor of SAAD, Mikhail Shubenkov, Vice President of Moscow Institute of Architecture and his team, which is consisted of 20 professors and students, arrived in Beijing. Together with the team, students and professors of Department of Architecture of SAAD held a China-Russia architectural design workshop named Reshaping of Human Scale Space??The opening ceremony was held in the afternoon of March 24th. The ceremony was host by Prof. Sun Wei and Dean Xia Haishan and President Shubenkov delivered speeches respectively

          Prof. She Gaohong, Vice Dean of SAAD, Prof. Meng Xiaoying, Head of the Department of the Architecture, Associate Prof. Sheng Qiang, Professor Gao Jie, Zeng Zhongzhong and others attended the Opening Ceremony.



          During the visit, Dean Xia Haishan and Vice President Shubenkov conducted in-depth

          negotiations on the further exchanges and cooperation of the two sides . The two sides actively promote teaching activities including the joint training of graduate students, the introduction of foreign students, joint undergraduate teaching and graduation design education, and intends to build China-Russia City Design Institute and other research institutions and entities. With full expectations, the two sides agreed on the future prospects of cooperation.

          Dean Xia Haishan and Vice President Shubenkov had a meeting and discussed cooperation program on teaching and scientific researches.



          The China-Russia Architecture Design Workshop aims to expand the teaching of the professional course of the senior students of the Department of Architecture of SAAD. Professors and students of the two sides exchanged views on several professional course teaching schemes and those who were interested in each others’ plan teamed up, finally there were 8 joint work teams.The students enthusiastically discussed concepts, ideas and other issues and helped each other to gain inspiration. They fully exchanged views in hand-painted, model, machine model and other sketches and made in-depth program designs, with a high enthusiasm on learning and creating.During the workshop, Prof.Shubenkov, Prof. Sheng Qiang and Prof. Wu Gang from WeiSiPing company deeply directed the design work of the students by giving a lecture. The students experienced a brainstorming and learned a lot about designing. In the afternoon of March 28th, the joint workshop was successfully concluded at the presentation of the symposium chaired by Prof. Sheng Qiang. Professors from the two sides and invited experts made a high comment of the results of the workshop. As the first exchange of work between the two sides, the workshop not only promoted the teaching cooperation,  but also provide an open classroom with full effect.




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