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          Professor Liu Shaoyu from the National University of Singapore Visited SAAD and Delivered an Academic Lecture

          Published: 2017-5-3

          On the morning of March 20, 2017,Professor Liu Shaoyu, professor of Department of Architecture of  School of Design and Environment of National University of Singapore, supervisor of Center for Advanced Studies in Architecture(CASA) and former Vice President of School of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong was invited to exchange views on the construction of graduate courses with professors who are responsible of teaching system and delivered a lecture named Hot and Cold--Speaking from the Climate Response of Ecological Architecture for the professors and students of SAADThe symposium was chaired by Professor Meng Xiaoying, Director of the Department of Architecture. First of all, Professor Liu Shaoyu was awarded the letter of appointment: Beijing Jiaotong University Visiting Professor by Professor Xia Haishan and presented commemorative postal book of 120 anniversary celebration of BJTU.

          In his speech, Professor Liu Shaoyu shared experiences of  Singapore National University and the University of Hong Kong in the graduate curriculum construction, provided international advanced teaching ideas in the fields of science and research environment, teaching system  and student training.  Then he summarized the research results of the years during which he engaged in scientific research work, and deeply analyzed and discussed the typical 9 cases. Research methods and means of Professor Liu  in urban planning in tropical climate environment, green building, test and evaluation of building after use, provide a new way of thinking for professors of SAAD and worth learning.Subsequently, Professor Liu delivered a wonderful speech named Hot and Cold--Speaking from the Climate Response of Ecological Architecture for the students and teachers of SAAD. In his speech, Professor Liu explained the connotation of passive design, and introduced the factors that affect the passive design. Apart from that,he also introduced the factors that needs to be considered in green construction, including climate and people, solar heat gain, natural ventilation, natural lighting and other elements. The lecture introduces Singapore's Green Building Assessment Criteria (2016), focusing on the passive design of the standard and the key points of healthy building, the lecture made a depth analysis of the two. Taking the Saxi Kuta Lifestyle Resort as a case, Professor Liu introduced a green building design in Bali.At the end of the lecture, Prof. Liu made his prediction and expectation of the prospect of green building.The development of green building should be people-oriented, reflecting the concept of human environment design. We need to response to the factors including sustainable development of society, economy and environment while combining traditional elements and modern passive design on the basis of a different climatic conditions.After the lecture, teachers and students of SAAD made active reflection, Q & A session for the teachers and students lasted nearly an hour.


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