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          Urban and Rural Planning

          Major Description

          The discipline of rural and urban planning concentrates on the urban land employment and substantial urban space planning. The discipline is also cross-related with social sciences on policies, planning theories, and construction administration of urban and rural planning. Its research object covers the whole environment of urban and rural areas.

          Research areas

          Urban planning and design theory,Urban design,Planning and design of civil dwellings,Reform and Regeneration of Cities,Urban landscape design.

          Training characteristics and objective

          Based on this course discipline and resources of the school and faculties, the course is aimed to culture talented students with international visions and creative minds on neo-generation on city design-planning and administration. The course is taught with newest textbooks though the world. The target students can also get their furtherance by means of international exchange programs and cooperation with practice institutes.

          Employment Areas

          Design Institutes, Investment Agency, Government Department, Public Institutes and etc.

          Major Modules

          Urban planning and design,Urban morphology,Theory and Method on Urban Regeneration,Civil Dwelling Planning and Civil Architecture Design,Reservation and Reformation of Ancient City,Landscape Design.

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